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Our projects

Construction of Hydroelectric Power Plant with Three Cascades on the Narin River in Narin Oblast

The Narin hydroelectric power station is located in the Narin region of Kyrgyzstan, on the Narin River in the Naryn region, in the south of the Ili River valley and 160 kilometers from Naryn region (distance from the factory premises from the last cascade of hydroelectric power stations in the lower reaches of Narin). The Narin River originates from the glacier of the Naryn region in the southeast of Naryn region(the height of the main peak of the Naryn region above the sea level is 4978 m). The source of water is mainly snow and ice. The river flows from west to east, after 160 km - from south to north, at the end it enters the Kapchagai Reservoir (built in the former Soviet Union) on the Ili River. The total length is 245 km.

The project of hydroelectric power plant (HEPP) construction on the Narin river is mainly located in the middle reaches of the Narin river (length of the section is about 56 km.) Construction of three water intake cascade hydroelectric power plants is planned total power 143.5 MWh





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