Our projects

Our projects

Modern plant for packing beef, mutton and poultry with a farm and a slaughterhouse

Modern meat packaging plant with a farm (on an area of ​​100 ha for a meat packaging plant, slaughterhouse, industrial premises, warehouses) for the production of 1224 tons of beef, 720 tons of mutton per year


The production of beef and mutton is 1944. total meat in live weight per year.

Production in one phase: production capacity - beef 1224 tonnes: mutton production capacity 720 tonnes live weight per year (slaughterhouses, mills).

The total investment in production is EUR 39,330,000.00

Payback period: 7 years from the start of meat sales.

The project will provide approximately 200 jobs directly to the company and 250 additional jobs for service specialists.

Produces mainly fresh meat and deeply processed products


Purchase 4080 pieces of bulls, cows and 24000 pieces of lamb

In order to ensure the production of 1 244 tonnes of beef per year in live weight, approximately 4080 bulls and cows are obtained annually and for the production of 720 tonnes of lamb per year in live weight approximately 24000 lambs are purchased per year

Veal and mutton are purchased from local producers in Kyrgyzstan.


Replacement chicks: 132,000 chicks / poultry house

Growing period: 120 days before ripening

Number of cycles: 3 per year


Laying hens: 120,000 birds / house

Growing period: 18-80 weeks Production: 67.2 million eggs per year


Sorting and packing center

Automatic conveyor transport of eggs from the hoppers to the sorting and packing center

  • Sorting and rejection of eggs by type, cleanliness, cracks, weight
  • Storing the final product in refrigerators before shipping to the buyer


Compound feed plant

Plant production capacity: 10 tons / hour.

Full coverage of the annual feed requirement of the poultry farm

Production of all necessary types and recipes of feed

Compound feed components:

  • corn
  • sorghum
  • soya beans
  • vegetable oil,
  • feed calcium phosphate salt
  • mineral and vitamin supplements


Manure processing plant

Plant production capacity: 23 m3 / day

End product: natural fertilizer

Packing line: bulk / commercial packaging


Total Investment: € 39,300,000




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